Plymouth: Kingdom Road

This case study focuses on Kingdom Road which is a road that is essentially built in a creek with cut and fill. The road has been repeatedly damaged in floods and is very expensive for the town of Plymouth to maintain. The damage from Irene caused more than $400,000 of damage to the road. This is an example of how repeat damage assessment can be used so that the town can develop strageties for better reconstruction methods or even rerouting costly, frequently damaged roads. Small creeks are highly prone to extreme erosion during flash flooding and so this is also an example of why development setbacks from small creeks should be used in the absence of FEMA and FEH flood hazard zones.

• Damage to roads and bridges including damage to the road are included in the TS Irene Damage tab.
• Information about the watershed is included in the Watershed tab

Watersheds Flood Hazard Areas TS Irene Damage